The Water and Land Management Training And Research Institute (WALAMTARI) was established in the year 1983 to impart training to the in-service engineers involved in the activities of Irrigation and Command Area Development ,Agriculture officials of Agriculture Department and farmers.  More >>

WALAMTARI-I & CAD Dept., - 3 Week Post Promotion Training Programme for newly promoted DEE's of I & CAD Department, Govt., of Telangana. Batch-I [18-06-2018 to 07-07-2018] & Batch-II [16-07-2018 to 04-08-2018].
3 days Refresher training programme to DEEs-For the month of May,2018 at WALAMTARI. Batch-XIX(07-05-2018 to 09-05-2018), Batch-XX(14-05-2018 to 16-05-2018), Batch-XXI(21-05-2018 to 23-05-2018), Batch-XXII(28-05-2018 to 30-05-2018).
WALAMTARI-I&CAD Dept-3 days Training Programme on "Crop Water Requirement & Water saving Crop production Technologies" for AEEs/AEs(recruited before 2012) at WALAMTARI. Batch III(26-07-2018 to 28-07-2018), Batch IV(27-09-2018 to 29-09-2018), Batch V(29-011-2018 to 1-12-2018), Batch VI(21-01-2019 to 23-01-2019), Batch VII(05-03-2019 to 07-03-2019).
WALAMTARI-I&CAD Dept-14 days training programme on Advanced Software "Autocad,Total Station Survey,Civil 3D and e-survey" for Junior & Middle level Irrigation Engineers(DEEs/AEEs/AEs) at WALAMTARI. Batch VI - (16-05-2018 to 29-05-2018), Batch VII - (13-06-2018 to 26-06-2018), Batch VIII - (17-07-2018 to 30-07-2018), Batch IX - (08-08-2018 to 21-08-2018), Batch X - (14-09-2018 to 27-09-2018), Batch XI - (03-10-2018 to 16-10-2018).
WALAMTARI - I & CAD Dept., - 14 days training programme on Advanced Software Autocad, Total Station Survey, Civil 3D and e - survey for Junior & Middle level Irrigation Engineers(DEEs/AEEs/AEs) (Batch - V) of I&CAD Dept. at WALAMTARI from 17.04.2018 to 30.04.2018.

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