Director General's Message

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M.Tech.(Structures), KU.
Director General,

Sustainable management of agricultural land and water is fundamental to global food security, especially in the face of climate change and increasingly erratic weather. Approximately 70 per cent of global freshwater consumption is used in the agricultural sector, yet water use efficiency in many countries is below 50 per cent, where in India it is around 40% only. India, with more than 17 percent of world population, has to live on 4% of world's renewable water and 2.4% of world's geographical area. It indicates tremendous pressure on use of these limited resources and there is need to focus for efficient use.

WALAMTARI is one of the apex training institutions in Telangana stage, established in the year 1983 with World Bank funding. This institute imparts trainings to the newly recruited engineers of Irrigation & CAD department, organizes specialized trainings to senior engineers and other line departments' officials. It also promotes Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) and trains Water User Association (WUAs) and farmers. In recent years the Institution has made significant progress in conducting large number of trainings, organizing research and extension activities. Presently the Institute is executing 'Baseline Studies on Water Use Efficiency' of 10 medium irrigation projects five each in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States on behalf of the National Water Mission, Govt of India. It made collaboration with the ICEWARM, Adelaide, Australia and obtained 15 Australia Award Fellowships in 2016 and 30 more Fellowships for the year 2017.

WALAMTARI has successfully implemented the measures for adoption to climate change under the Norwegian Funded project 'ClimaAdapt' in Nagarjunasagar Project during 2012-2017. The Institute along with the Norwegian Institute of Bio-economy (NIBIO) and International Institute of Water Management (IWMI) has organized events in ICID Congress in Gwangju, South Korea (2014) and 2nd World Irrigation Forum (2016) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. An International Conference 'ICCCWAFS 2016' was successfully organized in ICRISAT campus, Hyderabad.

Presently the Institute is in the process of restructuring, based on the government of India guidelines, to establish multidisciplinary centres and regional training centres to provide quality services and to improve land and water use efficiencies.